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Silk Tassels | Keep your earrings stored in the bag they arrive in or hanging by the ear hook. Just like a silk blouse, your silk tassel earrings might get wrinkled or out of whack if not stored correctly. Should that happen, simply dampen the strands and lay flat or hang to dry. 

Leather Tassels | Most of our leather tassels are made from a suede material and may absorb makeup from your face or neck. You can clean these with Oxy Clean or a baby wipe. Once dampened, tassels may darken in color. Lay flat or hang to dry.

Beaded Necklaces | We string all of our products on highly durable stainless steel wire. We do recommend that you store your necklaces hanging to avoid kinking the wire. Our wire is weakened once it has been stretched or kinked. Should you have a necklace break, please contact us and we will repair it at no charge to you.

Other product information:

All of our ear hooks are 14k gold plated and nickel free. 

While all of our materials are the highest grade of gold plating, some minor tarnishing may occur. Our guarantee is that we will replace or repair any pieces that become damaged over time.