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About Us

LAW Designs is a Dallas, Texas based jewelry company with a heart to share the imperfect, but brave beauty of this world. All of our pieces are curated + designed in Texas by owner and creator, Lindsey Adams Williams.

Lindsey lives in Dallas with her husband, Jarrod Wayne, and their two sons, Tucker Wayne and Shepherd. Lindsey is a graduate of Dallas Baptist University with a background in marketing and political campaign management. 

How did I get started? Well here's the story...

I love creating things. I love making something beautiful but always with a reflection of something imperfect. Perfection is overrated, right?

Sign me up for something with curves and scars and rough edges. So many young girls today strive for perfection in their work. I am not about perfection. I am about finding beauty in the imperfections.

I'm wired this way because I grew up with the erasers ripped off my pencils.

My mother, Debbie, is an artist and at times her inner hippie shows. She is an all organic, constant care giver and loving grandmother.

When Debs was pregnant with me the doctors found a lump in her breast. She said she would continue with the pregnancy. 

"If it's cancer," they told her, "the pregnancy hormones will only advance it."

I guess you have to try for five years to get pregnant before you could really understand why cancer wouldn't matter. Life was what mattered. Giving life. Carrying life. And trusting in the Lord. When I was not even a year old I had a mother who had given up her breasts and had lost her hair. But, by only the perfect grace of God, I had a mother. Breast cancer changes a person. She wasn't sorry for her scars. The scars made her even more, herself.

Like I said, cancer changes a person. Debs realized that life happens. Good or bad. It happens. And we can let it destroy us, take away our fight, starve us of our creativity - or we can allow it take us to new depths.

See, when a woman loses something that innately makes her a woman, her concept of beauty changes. It takes on a new meaning. 

So Debs wouldn't let me press the reset button every time I made a mistake. She didn't want me to take away the things that made my work uniquely me. She didn't want me to be perfect. She wanted me to let my creativity run wild, to be free to create without fear of bondage to mistakes. So she would rip off my pencil erasers and never let me start over. 

"The beauty is in the flaws, you just have to find it," Debs would say, "Who would want to be perfect when you can be you. No one else can be you."

So be flawed and be imperfect and don't have pencils with erasers.